Clean Omega-3 Oil (50ml)

Ultra High Purity DHA Algae Oil


    • Vegan Omega-3

    • High-Potency

    • Natural Lemon Flavour & Odour Free

    • Water Extracted

    • Solvent-Free

Ingredients: Water Extracted Algae Oil (Schizochytrium sp.), Cold pressed Lemon Peel extract, Natural tocopherol anti-oxidant.

Recommended Dosage: (dropper has ml measurement indicator)

Youth/Adult (>16 yrs) Standard dose* : 1 ml (1000mg) per day

Youth/Adult (>16 yrs) Boosting dose** : 2 ml (2000mg) per day

Child (> 2 yrs) Standard dose : 0.5 ml (500mg) per day

Child (> 2 yrs) Boosting dose : 1 ml (1000mg) per day

Infants (<2 yrs) Dosage: Clean Omega-3 in its oil liquid form is safe for infant consumption. We would suggest that for infants that our Clean Omega-3 be mixed into their milk or food. Dosage should be considered based on the alternative sources of DHA the infant may be obtaining. A safe starting dose is 0.25ml (250mg), and then bringing it up to 0.5 (500mg) a week after beginning.

Standard Dose* is for people that are already obtaining Omega-3 DHA on an ongoing basis, from a food source or a supplement (including Clean Omega-3).

Boosting Dose ** is for people who have NOT been taking Omega-3 DHA in their diet and need to boost the DHA levels. In generally takes between 4 to 6 weeks of the boosting DHA dose, to get have a suitable DHA level (in ones blood plasma).

After a continuous 4 to 6 weeks of the BOOSTING DOSE, it’s recommended to move to the STANDARD DOSE.

Please note: All above recommended dosage volumes are based on the DHA oil concentration delivered in our Clean Omega-3 dropper bottle. Please remember that the actual DHA concentration in our oil is 48%. For example, this means for 1000mg (1.0ml) of Clean Omega-3 oil, you are getting 480mg of DHA.

Packaging: Glass Jar black tinted – Fully Recyclable, Dropper Bottle with ml dosage measurements.



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If you have tried an omega-3 algae oil from a dropper bottle before, you probably know it can be a challenge with the taste, smell, and after-burp. Finally, a Vegan Omega-3 algae oil that does not have that fishy taste, thanks to our natural purification process!

Clean Omega-3 provides the purest form of DHA Algae oil, produced and extracted without any solvents! This provides a very light-coloured algae oil, which is flavourless, and odourless. No risk of oxidisation and guaranteed no more burps and bad aftertaste!

We've added a lemon peel essential oil extract to give a lovely mild lemon taste that adults and kids can all enjoy! In additional we add a natural vitamin-E tocopherol which acts as an antioxidant to maintain the Omega-3 oil quality after opening.

Scientific Research has shown that DHA supports mental clarity and brain health, as well as improving fertility. It may also help prevent or improve chronic conditions, such as heart disease, depression & inflammatory conditions.

Clean Omega-3 is extracted from an approved natural wild-strain algae, grown in an enclosed system, and produced according to the highest industry standards and certifications (FFSC22000/ISO22000).


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